Fashion Exhibition Openings: Glamorous Industry Gatherings

When the fashion industry gathers for one of its glittering exhibitions, it’s a celebration of style, sophistication and glamour like no other. From the glistening red carpets to the star-studded audiences, fashion exhibition openings are a true feast for the senses, and a chance to revel in some of the industry’s most dazzling designs. Join us as we explore the stunning world of fashion exhibition openings — and get a peek at all of the excitement in store.

1. Welcome to the Fashion Fete: An Inside Look at Glamorous Industry Gatherings

The fashion fete, an annual celebration of the best designers, models and trends, is an eagerly awaited gathering of the stars of the glamorous industry. It’s a fabulous display of the latest in high fashion – and a lively opportunity to meet actors, models, designers, and people from all over the world.

This year, the pinnacle of glamour has just come to town! Prepare yourself for a night of sartorial splendor, a whirl of designer gowns, and of course, plenty of red carpet photo ops.

Once inside, be sure to check out all the eye-catching accessories, shoes, and jewelry along the designer runway. Of course, there’s plenty to choose from:

  • Exquisite handbags
  • Luxurious watches
  • Shimmering necklaces and earrings

Find yourself something special to remember the evening that will be remembered for years to come.

But the fashion fete isn’t just about the merchandise. In addition to the amazing clothes and accessories, you can also enjoy exquisite music, delicious cuisine, and wine from sophisticated wineries. Put on your dancing shoes – for good measure – for live bands, DJs, and even an open bar throughout the night.

Plus, you can take part in the interactive activities, workshops and charity events all night long. Join in the fun and laughter, and maybe even grab a few fun photos, too!

2. Taking Centre-Stage: The Elevation of Fashion Events

Fashion events have come a long way in recent years—no longer relegated to gala events, the media-saturated environment we inhabit in 2020 has elevated these events to a higher status, and with it, a wider and more diverse audience.

Today, taking centre-stage is no longer the preserve of the fashion elite, but a platform where the scope for boundary-breaking ideas and creative expression is limitless. Where diverse designers, artists, and independent labels are celebrated with fashion weeks and exclusive experiences making fashion more accessible, and embracing its many faces.

Notable highlights include:

  • The spotlight on intersectional identity and cultural expression during the Paris Fashion Week show by Virgil Abloh, founder of Off-White and artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton.
  • The immersive digital wonderland of Louis Vuitton’s Escale a Pekin collection.
  • The high-glamour ambiance of the Christian Siriano Fall Couture show presented during New York Fashion Week.

These events have allowed a greater accessibility of fashion and a platform to discuss inclusivity, sustainability, and equality. Ultimately, their impact can be seen in their influence on shoppers — today, not only do influencers and fashion bloggers have a bigger influence than ever before, but so do the street style trends and looks from fashion shows.

What used to be one-market focused events are now seen as a full scale cultural and creative production, extending far beyond the catwalk, and it’s clear that fashion events are taking a pioneering role in fashion trends & industry dialogues.

3. An Alluring Atmosphere: The Catwalks, Celebrities & Champagne

A room filled with champagne-sipping fashionistas, top models and celebrities could only mean one thing…yes, the very latest fashion show from the crème de la crème of fashion labels has just taken place.

It’s the spectacle of the highest order, with the most coveted designers drawing in an A-list crowd to their extravagant catwalks. Draped in the season’s wildest and most eye-catching pieces, fashionistas flock to the runway or front row seats to take in the highly anticipated spectacle. And no matter what designer it is, they always bring a certain level of glamour and excitement with them.

  • Lights, Camera, Action! Award-winning makeup artists, hairstylists, and photographers set the stage for these exclusive catwalks, bringing the incredible creations to life. As the lights dim, the audience hushes and a stunning series of couturier works begin to unfold before them.
  • The Celebrities It wouldn’t be a fashion show without a few celebrity guests! The likes of famous actors, singers, models, and influencers grace the runway and always add a hint of star power. As they glide down the catwalk, the entire room watches in awe.
  • Complimentary Drinks At the after-party, the partying really starts! With complimentary, delicious drinks and champagne, celebration is in full swing. Celebrities, bloggers, models, journalists, and influencers party the night away, networking and making memorable connections in the process.

In the aftermath of these exclusive events, the fashion world talked for weeks, and the internet never stopped buzzing about the latest runway looks. Although the attendees and digital devotees may quickly move on to the next fashion show, the experience of an alluring atmosphere full of celebrities, catwalks, and champagne remains with them for years to come.

4. Behind the Scenes: Curating a Haute Couture Show

When it comes to high-end fashion, curating a couture show is all about the details. Every move, every sound, and every piece of clothing needs to come together in perfect harmony. It takes a team of experienced professionals to deliver a couture show that will remain etched in the minds of fashion lovers for years to come.

The most important aspect of curating a show is undoubtedly the selection of pieces. Every part of every look needs to be carefully considered; from the material of the dress to the size of the hat. The designer must have the perfect mix of pieces that will bring their vision to life while pleasing the audience.

Once the pieces have been chosen, it’s time for show production. A production team can help turn a simple runway into a magnificent spectacle. Creative lighting, set designs, and special effects can create a captivating atmosphere that will enthrall the audience.

Models are the main attraction in any haute couture show, and it’s important to get the right ones. The model must be able to showcase the pieces in the best way possible and make each look come to life. Models must also be professional and work with others, despite the pressure.

The final step in any couture show is providing an unforgettable experience for the audience. Music, videos, and amazing performances can make the show the highlight of the season. Together, curating a haute couture show is a complex and challenging process that requires teamwork, time, and commitment.

As fashion lovers, attending an exhibition opening is a chance to step feet-first into the world of fashion, and to be part of its exclusive, lively, glamorous inner circle – and what an experience that can be! So now that we have given you a glimpse into the fashionable industry indulgences, we know that nothing will keep you away from attending a fashion opening of your own.

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